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Independent Testing
Independent Testing 

'pat' for Schools and Charities

Having spent the last 12 years developing a loyal and diverse client base we are now creating a division to specialise in the provision of 'Bespoke PAT Solutions' to schools and colleges. 
We understand the unique testing environment provided by schools and pride ourselves on our ability to provide a quality service based upon the individual needs of each establishment.

We are able to offer an 'Out of Hours' service at no extra cost. This could mean overnight, weekends or Bank Holidays if required. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your requirements. 
We also offer significantly
discounted rates to all educational establishments. For further information please contact us.
Prices from as little as 50p per item! 
We have recently initiated a scheme to provide free 'PAT' testing for charities and worthy causes.
We are building a fund with donations from our corporate clients as well as other businesses in our home area.   
The idea is that we will be able to save these organisations a considerable amount of money enabling them to put it to better use in the community.  
Currently in Bristol our chosen charity is
'St Werburghs City Farm', which is a green oasis in the heart of Bristol city. Like an outdoor community centre, the Farm promotes health and well-being through opportunities that enable people to meet, learn, participate and play within a safe environment. With a 4 acre working Farm, 2 acres of community gardens and 3 acre educational woodland, the Farm is ideally positioned to deliver its core aims to:   

  • provide high quality recreational/educational services within an inspiring environment;
  • develop events/activities that promote community engagement, cohesion and integration;
  • create opportunities for people to improve their quality of life, health and well-being;
  • offer tailored training opportunities to enable people to improve their practical and social skills whilst increasing their self-esteem and confidence.


Within this unique venue, the Farm has developed a number of successful services to engage with Bristol's most disadvantaged residents. With a free, open-access site for Bristol residents, work experience for disaffected youth, volunteer opportunities for those from deprived areas, training placements for adults with disabilities, play opportunities for children facing disadvantage, free activities for families on low-incomes as well as community cohesion events, educational trips and an award winning café, St Werburghs is more than just a Farm. With more than 30,000 visitors/service users per year, we are a vital community resource accessible to all. Over the next three years, we are launching a Strategic Action Plan (SAP) alongside the new business plan which priorities a new-build campaign securing a more sustainable future with the aim of becoming a centre of excellence.



St.Werburghs City Farm is a charity and a company limited by guarantee. It was started in 1980 by local people with the aim of bringing the experience of small scale farming to inner city Bristol and providing a range of other educational and recreational services and facilities to the community, especially to those who are in any way disadvantaged in society. The Farm has been developed over the years and now inhabits three sites:

  • The Farm site, with the livestock, Horticultural Training Unit and greenhouses, Office, Community Building, Café, adventure playground and access to the Farm’s allotments are on Watercress Rd;
  • The open-access Community Garden is on Mina Rd situated next to the Undercover Rock climbing centre;
  • Environmental youth work, family/community events, educational visits, Forest School activities and training courses taking place at our biodiversity site on Boiling Wells Lane.


Visit them

The Farm is open every day 9-5 during summer and 9-4 during the winter months. We do not charge an entry fee, however as a small charity we gratefully accept donations.


To find out more information, please visit our website at www.swcityfarm.co.ukor search for us on



Email: office@swcityfarm.co.uk

0117 942 8241

Postal: St
Werburghs City Farm, Watercress Road, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9YJ 

We also support 'Fareshare' who work with the food industry to minimise fit-for-purpose fresh, frozen and long-life food going to waste as landfill, and send this food into organisations working with the most vulnerable people in the community.
Thousands of tonnes of perfectly good in-date food are landfilled in the South West each year due to packaging errors, out of date promotions, discontinued lines and so on. At the same time, there are over 4 million people in the UK who cannot afford a
healthy diet, among them
homeless and elderly people, children in disadvantaged areas, refugees and people suffering mental & physical health problems.

FareShare South West aims to address this imbalance by redistributing quality surplus food to groups working with vulnerable individuals in and around Bristol.

We also wish to help schools save on the costs involved in 'PAT' testing.
Currently we help
'Henbury School' by providing our service at a greatly reduced cost. In the future we would obviously like to be able to provide it completely free of charge. There are many other schools and
charities we would like to help but obviously that will depend largely on the volume of contributions to our 'Testing Fund'.

We also support
'Easton Community Centre' with free testing as of this year! Many thanks to our sponsors for making this possible.

If you have a charity or 'worthy cause' such as a school or 'not for profit'
organisation you would like us to help please
contact us using the online
form or directly by phone.

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